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I am an Indian photographer since 2012 based in Kerala. I never expected to be as fortunate as I am, to get to wake up every morning and do what I love. I have an unbelievably amazing wife with whom I get to share all these wonderful experiences. She is a great business partner in her own right.

I had completed plus two, commerce 2006 at Sreenarayana Vilasam Higher Secondary School, Anad..Then I am a graduate from Govt. Sanskrit college. I earned diploma in web designing (software development and UI designing skill) and photojournalism. Also have certificates in business management and Electronic mechanics. I learned photography through my experiences.

My photographic career started as a photography assistant ( 2004-2008). Then I started studying Graphic designing with Mr. Guru Prasad and that was my life's turning point.Then I worked as a web designer for 2 years at Abstract developers. My entry into the wedding photography field were in the year 2012. I just loved photography and I understood that photography is my profession. As photography entered into my bloodstream it is now like a disease. Photography is never a waste of time. It takes time to become a good photographer. I began my photography business in the year 2014 by starting MACHOOOS wedplanner at Nedumangad. I got inspiration from the work of other photographers and I have my own style of photography. Then I shifted to Kowdiar in the year 2019 and started MACHOOOS INTERNATIONAL WEDDING COMPANY - the result of my dream, hardwork and dedication. Now MACHOOOS is one of the topmost wedding company in Trivandrum,Kerala. We brought the first online wedding album in kerala. I believe in the words of JARED PLATT , "The people who hire me as a wedding photographer hire me not just because of my photoraphic style, they hire me because of the style of my personality. My style and personality match, so they know they are getting genuine style".

Smt K .R. Vijaya's grandson's wedding(Tamil Actress)

Sri Dr.I.M. Vijayan's nephew marriage(2019 at Ernakulam)

International trips(malesya,Singapore)

Coversong Direction (More than 10)

Fashion portfolio

Almost covered 1000 Wedding

Maternity and new born baby photoshoot(New Concept For machooos)

Classical dancer (1998-2007)

Mr.Trivandrum(bodybuilding) 65kg (2016)

Mr.Kerala(bodybuilding)last 6th possition(2016)

Gym instructor and owner(oxygen) (2014-2016)

Started Web designing company,AbstractDevelopers with my friend Deepu (2013)

Machooos wedplanner (2012)

Machooos International(2019)

The greatest gift of God is my eyes. My eyes are my equipment. I capture the beautiful moments that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce. I am specialised in candid photography, I don't like traditional photography (posing one ). The current wedding- my passion is using..... And these photos have helped me accumulate more than...... Instagram/fb/utube followers.

My Vision

I want to develop my business allover India. Within 2 years, want to open 3 wedding studios at Keralas topmost cities. Then my biggest goal in life is to establish 10 wedding studios allover India in the upcoming years. Hope it will happen soon.

Real name : Sarath Raj. H.S

Profession: photographer,Designer


Bithplace: Nedumangad,Trivandrum

Nationality: India

Current city: Trivandrum

Married: Yes

Father - Herburt.J (Civil suppplies driver)

Mother- Salomy.S.I (Housewife)

Spouse: Arunima J T Nair ( M.Sc Biochemistry)

Daughter: Parvanendhu A Sarath

Relatives: Vipin Raj (brother), Athira Gopan(sister-in-law),Abhinav(nephew)

wedding photography connects the past,the present and the future The image captured on your wedding day will be seen by the future generations,by your children and grandchildren,How huge is that A few decades down the road,your grandchildren will admire your photos and see how beautiful you and your better half oneGOOD PHOTOS ARE TIMELESS LIKE FAMOUS PAINTINGThe best photos remain relevant regardless of the trends and fads thank you
sarathraj the photographers offers fine art photography for newborn, babies, maternity, family, cake smash and beyond. I sense your style and preferences with my creativity to design unique beautiful art that will be cherished for your family for years to come. I love to create variety of setups for every photography session for each of my client. We discuss all the details in person (pre-consultation), through phone call or emails. If you are expecting or looking to capture precious memories with your loved one's, I'd love to hear from you
There are two types of corporate photography – event photography and portrait photography. Event photography means taking pictures of employees and guests in corporate events such as conferences, birthday parties, Christmas parties, receptions and sales events. Corporate portrait photography means taking formal pictures of employees for websites, magazines and other various publications. In this article, I will provide some tips on how to photograph corporate events.Best Camera,Best Lenses,External Flash,Off-Camera Flash,
Fashion photography is most probably one of the most desirable fields of photography.Fashion photography, it is a genre of photography that focuses on displaying clothes or other fashion items. Said like that it seems so bleak compared to its magnetic power.Fashion photography being based on a collaborative workflow, your crew is your secret weapon. It takes time to find people who you can count on to technically make your visions reality, who work with you towards a common goal, and who you like as human beings. Once you have found them you want to keep them with you on every shoot possible,
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Portrait photography is all about capturing a person's personality. This guide will help you shoot portraits that tell a story about the subject.Portrait photography can be one of the most challenging forms of photography. Capturing a photo that appears natural and conveys the subject's personality is a skill that takes patience and practice. The good news is that it doesn't rely on fancy or expensive equipment; portrait photography is all about capturing some sense of a person's character rather than producing a technically perfect composition.